About Aucott & Thomas

Secondhand Books Bought & Sold. Books available on all subjects, fact and fiction, from Aucott & Thomas, an online bookstore.

Aucott and Thomas was started in 1995 by Roger Thomas and has always been an online book shop. Jacquie Aucott joined him in the business from an early stage and supported its development from a hobby to a full time occupation for both of us. At one stage we had around 16,000 books and magazines for sale.

Sadly in 2021 Roger died but by then we had plans in place to run Aucott and Thomas from a new home in Ibstock with a book room for 5000 books. Jacquie carried on with these plans and now runs the shop herself.

Why Choose Aucott & Thomas?

Jacquie’s love of horses led to her avidly reading pony fiction as a child and so developing a knowledge of this genre plus all other forms equestrian activity. Roger was a great folk music aficionado and latterly became actively involved in the archaeology of the East Midlands. Both of us enjoyed country life so books on rural life, farming, ecology and fishing have always been of interest.

Many of our books reflect these pastimes but we always bought widely and not just books. Magazines and ephemera also feature in the listings. Subjects which we both learnt about through dealing in books include UFOs, spiritualism, railways and military history.

Being based in West Leicestershire we have always had a significant number of local history books coming through the shop.

We uphold high standards of professionalism and quality in our services.  We pride ourselves on accurate descriptions of the book’s condition, for example nothing with an inscription, unless it is by the author, would be described as very good. Books are packed carefully in cardboard and a jiffy bag so that corners do not get bumped or other damage occurs in transit.

All the books are listed on ABE and Biblio and most on Amazon though their database often rejects the older books without an ISBN. Photos of all the books are available on Biblio and ABE.

Aucott & Thomas - Secondhand Books Bought & Sold
Aucott & Thomas - Secondhand Books Bought & Sold
Aucott & Thomas - Secondhand Books Bought & Sold
Aucott & Thomas - Secondhand Books Bought & Sold