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Jacquie has always been obsessed with ponies and riding. Her earliest memory is stroking a New Forest pony. Despite living on various farms the nearest she got to riding was one of the tamer cows who promptly bucked her off.
Her first pony book arrived as a primary school prize. Patricia Leitch's Riding Course Summer introduced her to the world of pony fiction.

Via a jumble sale Jacquie acquired Pat Smythe's Three Jays against the Clock and Monica Edwards's Killer Dog. Birthday and Christmas money went on Armada paperbacks, more Pat Smythe and Monica Edwards plus Ruby Ferguson, Gillian Baxter and the Pullein-Thompsons. The local and school library horse books were borrowed and re borrowed.

At the age of 11 Jacquie pleaded, successfully, to go on a pony trekking holiday organised by the Farmer's Weekly. Putting into practice the basic points of horsemanship had gathered in her reading  she survived 5 days in the saddle and came back even more determined to ride.

Reading and riding continued through her teens though the reading changed away from pony fiction to equestrian biographies (horses and riders) and tales of long distance rides around the world.

When Roger started collecting and later selling books Jacquie  needed something to search for in shops and book fairs. Therefore she built a pony book collection, adding to those kept from childhood. At the outset she had no idea there were so many authors or books in the genre and now has a substantial collection, ranging from Caroline Akrill to May Wynne.

Since working with Roger in the Aucott & Thomas business pony fiction and equestrian books have formed a substantial part of the stock

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