Jacquie Aucott & Roger Thomas have been selling books by post since 1995. Our stock is predominantly hardback non fiction but we also sell fiction, paperbacks and magazines – in fact any printed matter which is uncommon or on a specialist subject.  Collections of books by the same author or on the same subject are also available.

Jacquie’s love of horses and riding has led to her collection of pony fiction which she started as a child. Reading about ponies was a substitute for not having her own. There are over 600 pony story titles available plus books on show jumping, eventing and all aspects of horse care and schooling.

Roger has been a ‘folkie’ since Fairport Convention released Unhalfbricking in 1969. His interest in English folk music has rarely wavered since. In recent years involvement in local archaeology groups & as a self-recorder with the Portable Antiquities Scheme has enabled him to develop his interest in the early history of the east midlands. Researching and recording finds is as much ​​​​​​​fun as the actual finding and a useful distraction from the need to earn a living by flogging old books.

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